Hornets take subtle jab in latest free agency report about 4-time NBA Champion

In a recent NBA free agency report about Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson, the Charlotte Hornets took a subtle jab.
Charlotte Hornets, NBA Free Agency, Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors
Charlotte Hornets, NBA Free Agency, Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

This summer will be all about improvement for the Charlotte Hornets, and it will have to come in all aspects of the word. The roster needs to improve, their coaching staff needs to improve (and it’s starting to), and their health needs to improve.

LaMelo Ball is the centerpiece of the franchise, but they need him on the court in order for him to lead them. The same can be said about big man Mark Williams.

But before Ball, Williams, Brandon Miller, and the rest of the cast can help the Hornets get back to the postseason, they’ll want to make the team better in free agency (or on the trade market).

Hornets take small jab in latest Klay Thompson free agency report

That said, it will be interesting to see how many free agents actually want to join Charlotte. Because based on the subtle jab taken at the Hornets in a recent report from Anthony Slater of The Athletic, players aren’t exactly itching to join Charlotte to compete.

"Thompson wants to win. Don’t expect him to chase the largest possible offer from the Detroit Pistons or Charlotte Hornets, even if that’s the correct financial or leverage move. But there are plenty of cap-space teams with a clearer upward path to contention than the Warriors. That includes the Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic."

Anthony Slater, The Athletic

Long-time Golden State Warriors wing Klay Thompson could be on the move this summer. He’s going to be an unrestricted free agent, meaning he’s able to sign wherever he wants.

Unfortunately for the Hornets, they are clearly viewed as one of the worst teams in the league. To be lumped in with the Detroit Pistons is a very rough reality.

Right now, that may be true, but Charlotte will undoubtedly be focused on doing whatever it can to get away from that distinction moving forward.

Thompson has won four championships with the Warriors, but his potential departure from the team could be a result of them looking to start a new era of squad (while still riding out the Stephen Curry years).

If the Hornets want to get out of being in the same convo as the other worst teams in the league, it’s on them to improve internally, because it sounds like guys aren’t dying to join forces with Ball, Miller, and Williams.

In the meantime, all Charlotte can do is keep pushing forward. This offseason will be a big chance for them to do that. They will have to nail their pick in the draft and make some very helpful additions on the trade market and in free agency.