Latest NBA trade rumor could have teams calling Hornets about LaMelo Ball

If teams aren't able to trade for Darius Garland, which could be true based on a recent rumor, they might call up the Charlotte Hornets about LaMelo Ball.
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The Charlotte Hornets are entering an offseason in which they need to be focused on picking a direction. In an ideal world, that would mean adding more pieces to help them compete, but nothing is certain.

For instance, LaMelo Ball is an All-Star player when he’s on the court, but that’s the problem—he’s not always on the court. He’s dealt with a ton of injury issues over the years and just can’t seem to play consistent games.

It’s highly unlikely that the Hornets even consider trading Ball, but a recent NBA trade rumor could have some teams around the league phoning Charlotte in hopes of prying him away.

Darius Garland trade rumors could have teams calling Hornets about a LaMelo Ball trade

According to Brian Winhorst of ESPN, teams around the league are backing off of Darius Garland trade talks, as the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to have made it clear that they don’t want to trade him.

"There are now teams that are sort of backing off, saying, ‘Well maybe Garland is not gonna be available.’"

Brian Windhorst, ESPN

The Cavaliers got bounced in the second round of the playoffs, and while they definitely dealt with ample injuries, the rumors surrounding the team since their elimination have been wild.

There are a bunch of teams around the league—such as the San Antonio Spurs, New Orleans Pelicans, and Orlando Magic—that could use an upgrade at the point guard position.

If Garland is truly unavailable in trade talks, then those types of teams will go looking for a new target. Enter, the Hornets.

Again, it seems very unlikely that the Hornets would want to trade Ball this summer, but if teams come calling and the price is right, perhaps they would consider considering it.

Ball’s injury history probably means teams wouldn’t be willing to offer as much as Charlotte fans would want in a potential deal, but if they got a nice blend of young talent and picks in return, it could be worth exploring the market.

It’s not often that a team, especially a small-market team like the Hornets, finds a star of Ball’s caliber. But that’s only useful if said star plays consistent minutes.

Building around Ball should be the Hornets’ main priority, but if teams who previously wanted Garland start calling up Charlotte, they should at least hear them out.