5 LaMelo Ball trades that would force the Hornets to pick up the phone

The Charlotte Hornets aren't going to trade LaMelo Ball, but these offers would at least make them pick up the phone.
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5. Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets committed to competing for the playoffs last year, and while they ultimately fell short of their goal, expect them to continue to strive for improvement this summer.

Bringing in LaMelo Ball to solidify their young core would be a great place, and considering rumors have indicated their desire to trade the third pick in the draft, this deal wouldn’t be too unlikely for them.

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In this trade, the Charlotte Hornets would be landing two solid young pieces in Amen Thompson and whoever they select with the third pick in the draft.

Thompson played well for the Rockets during his rookie season, so it seems likely that they look to keep him around, but landing Ball would make them a serious playoff threat in the Western Conference.

Jae’Sean Tate and Jock Landale would be included in the deal to match salaries, but the picks would be the real highlight of the trade for Charlotte.

Following this move, the Hornets would have two top-six picks in the 2024 NBA Draft, giving them an opportunity to change the look of their young core.

Giving up Thompson may prevent them from doing it, but this seems like the type of trade the Rockets would be interested in right now. And while the Hornets will absolutely be hesitant to trade Ball, his isn’t a terrible return for them, especially if Thompson continues to blossom.

Potential starting lineups

Rockets: LaMelo Ball, Fred VanVleet, Jalen Green, Tari Eason, Alperen Sengun

Hornets: Amen Thompson, Reed Sheppard (?), Brandon Miller, Grant Williams, Mark Williams