Hornets latest message to Miles Bridges is terrible news

The Charlotte Hornets have reportedly told Miles Bridges that they want to re-sign him in free agency, and that is terrible news.
Charlotte Hornets, NBA Free Agency, Miles Bridges
Charlotte Hornets, NBA Free Agency, Miles Bridges / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

The Charlotte Hornets have some big-time decisions to make this summer, and most of them could end up impacting what the future of the organization will look like.

One guy who is an unrestricted free agent this summer is Miles Bridges, so the Hornets will have to figure out whether or not to bring him back into the fold.

According to Rod Boone of The Charlotte Observer, new Hornets decision-maker Jeff Peterson told him that the team wants to keep Bridges on the team moving forward.

That is awful news.

The Hornets want to bring back Miles Bridges in free agency, and that is terrible news

To put it plainly and simply, Bridges should not be in the NBA. With all of the off-the-court issues he has run into over the past few years, Bridges has no business stepping onto an NBA court ever again.

The things he’s done are absolutely heinous, and the fact that the Hornets are eager to keep him around moving into the future is an absolute disgrace to the franchise.

Bridges’ potential return is terrible news, and if the Hornets are serious about re-signing him this summer, the only way it will be resolved is if Bridges himself decides to sign with another team.

Charlotte could also choose to conduct a sign-and-trade, sending Bridges out to another team and getting something back in return, but it does not sound like that is the path they have chosen to take.

Considering the Hornets have the option to simply part ways with Bridges and wipe their hands of the situation, this is a terrible choice for the franchise to make.

As soon as the news came out of Bridges’ off-the-court antics, the Hornets should have bitten the bullet and let him go, but they didn’t want to.

Obviously, Bridges is a great player on the court. He’s been a big part of the limited success the Hornets have had in recent years, but that does not come close to excusing what he’s done away from the floor.

Some things go way beyond basketball, and unfortunately, this is one of them that’s going in the completely wrong direction. Bridges’ talent on the floor doesn’t come anywhere close to outweighing what he’s done.

The Hornets choosing to bring him back is terrible.