Report lists Hornets as potential free agency landing spot for former No. 4 pick

The Charlotte Hornets could go after Chicago Bulls forward Patrick Williams in free agency.
Charlotte Hornets, NBA Free Agency, Patrick Williams, Chicago Bulls
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The game plan for the Charlotte Hornets this summer should be two-fold. While they should be aiming to significantly improve their roster around LaMelo Ball, they aren’t in a position to push for win-now moves involving veteran talent.

Charlotte needs to find a healthy balance between signing guys to help the team win more games versus signing players to ensure a brighter tomorrow for the organization.

Ball, Brandon Miller, and Mark Williams are all already in place, and Grant Williams will likely be a part of what the Hornets are building moving forward, too.

That leaves some room for improvement at the guard position and at forward, as Grant Williams came off the bench for Charlotte during his first initial stint with the team.

Hornets showing interest in signing Bulls forward Patrick Williams in free agency

Well, according to Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports, the Hornets could be in on a young forward who could help them right now and in the future.

He noted that the Hornets are one of three teams that could potentially be interested in stealing Patrick Williams away from the Chicago Bulls this offseason.

"Although many executives from opposing teams believed that was a potential construct for a Patrick Williams sign-and-trade — the fourth-year forward is set to reach restricted free agency June 30, with OKC, Toronto and Charlotte already being mentioned by league personnel as possible landing spots for Williams outside of Chicago."

Jake Fischer, Yahoo Sports

Williams is set to hit restricted free agency this summer, as noted by Fischer. The Bulls failed to reach an extension agreement with him last offseason, so now, he could end up leaving.

Charlotte would have to get creative with their cap space in order to bring Williams on board. They would need to dump salary to open up space to sign him or complete a sign-and-trade with the Bulls.

Chicago drafted Williams with the fourth-overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft—the same draft class in which the Hornets selected Ball—though the Bulls forward hasn’t had as much success.

As the Bulls have attempted to push for the postseason, they’ve focused on their veterans, and developing Williams hasn’t necessarily been their top priority.

With the Hornets, he would get a new chance to thrive, and his 3-and-D archetype could shine. Taking a chance on Williams, who is still only 22 years old, would be a great plan for Charlotte, as he could fit right into the starting lineup.

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