Charlotte Hornets rumors: Gordon Hayward the next player on the move?

Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Charlotte Hornets selloff has begun, and it appears to be gaining momentum. Not only is the recently acquired Kyle Lowry not expected to play for the Hornets, as the team is looking to find him a different team before the deadline, but Charlotte's next player that could be moved has been identified. 

Veteran forward Gordon Hayward appears to be the near the top of the list that the Hornets could look to trade before the NBA Trade Deadline on February 8th. Hayward is one of the few reamaining players, alongside Lowry, that could be of interest to contending teams.

With Charlotte struggling all season long, this is not exactly a surprising development. It is not even a matter of having or not having LaMelo Ball available to them, as the team has many issues beyond missing their franchise player. This Hornets team is not constructed in a correct manner, which has resulted in the very predictable lopsided losing record this season.

This is not about Hayward's production or ability at this stage of his career. The 33-year-old veteran is playing very similarily to that of the last two seasons, and this could be an intriguing addition to the right team looking for a complementary player to an already established core.

When it comes to potential returns for Hayward, it may be best not to get your hopes up. There are going to be plenty of teams willing to play the waiting game, hoping that Charlotte does not receive a worthwhile package offered and that they are forced to simply buy out the former Butler Bulldog. At this point, it is really about getting something for him while they can rather than waiting too long and having nothing to show for it.

While the organization has waited longer than anyone would have preferred to begin trading away veteran players who did not align with their competitive timeline. Rozier, Hayward, and now Lowry are perfect examples of players who fit that description. Moving these players and clearing a path for players to see increased playing time over the rest of the season and not having players best suited for secondary and tertiary roles in the starting lineup of a rebuilding team next season.

It is hard to admit defeat and accept the reality of the roster not being constructed properly, but the Hornets will be significantly better off in the long run by having doing so.