Should Hornets copy Spurs-Chris Paul move and trade for Russell Westbrook?

Trading for Russell Westbrook could be the Charlotte Hornets version of the San Antonio Spurs signing Chris Paul to help Victor Wembanyama.
Charlotte Hornets, Chris Paul, San Antonio Spurs, Russell Westbrook, NBA Trade Rumors
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The San Antonio Spurs inked a deal with veteran guard Chris Paul in free agency. Should the Charlotte Hornets follow their lead and trade for former MVP Russell Westbrook?

According to recent reports, the LA Clippers are going to trade Westbrook at some point this summer, and the long-time veteran has played his last game in a Clippers uniform.

It may not seem like it would make a ton of sense, but if Westbrook is content with a role off the bench, adding him to this Hornets team could help in a variety of ways.

Russell Westbrook trade could be Hornets version of Spurs signing Chris Paul in free agency to help Victor Wembanyama

The Spurs signed Paul to help Victor Wembanyama. Paul is one of the best passers in NBA history, and playing alongside a 7-foot-4 giant like Wembanyama should be a dream for him.

Wembanyama will help cover up Paul’s defensive shortcomings, and in return, Paul will set up Wembanyama for some of the easiest baskets he’s gotten in his life.

While the relationship between Westbrook and the Hornets wouldn’t be that black-and-white, there would still be a huge benefit to bringing him on board.

First and foremost, he could be a great mentor for LaMelo Ball. By all indications of the places he’s been, people love having Westbrook as a teammate. He may not always be the best on-court fit, but (perhaps outside of the Los Angeles Lakers) he’s been a great locker-room guy.

Obviously, as noted, Lakers fans would fight this notion, but he’s been great at his other stops. Former Washington Wizards forward Deni Avdija gushed about Westbrook’s impact during their time together, and who’s to say he couldn’t do the same for Ball, Brandon Miller, and Mark Williams?

Westbrook’s lack of a consistent three-point shot would hurt the team’s spacing, but he’s still a great playmaker and elite rebounder for his position.

Plus, if and when Ball deals with an injury, having a long-time NBA starter at the ready would be a nice asset for the Hornets to have in their tool kit.

The fit may not be as perfect as Paul and Wembanyama, but bringing Westbrook on board in Charlotte could benefit the long-term success of the team.