5 Trades where the Hornets completely fleeced their trade partner

Here are five trades throughout all of Charlotte Hornets history where they completely fleeced their trade partner.
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2. Hornets trade Gordon Hayward to Thunder

The most recent of the bunch, this is the deal that most people think of when they think about trades the Charlotte Hornets won, as it’s very fresh in their minds.

At the 2024 trade deadline, the Hornets moved Gordon Hayward to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In exchange, they received Davis Bertans, Vasilije Micić, Tre Mann, and two second-round picks.

When the deal was made, it seemed like pretty low value for Hayward as a theoretical player, but it made sense considering his injury history and general inability to stay on the court.

However, Hayward’s time in Oklahoma City didn’t work out. The Thunder got eliminated in the second round of the playoffs, he didn’t play much, and everyone from Sam Presti to Hayward’s wife seemed displeased with the situation.

Meanwhile, the Hornets didn’t get too much in return, but the guys they got back ended up playing pretty well for them down the stretch of the season.

Micic and Mann ended up being rotation staples, with the latter of the two earning consistent starts in Charlotte. Even Bertans played pretty well, finding his three-point shot a bit.

If even one of the three players earns rotation minutes next year or nets a second-rounder back in a deal, the Hornets will have completely ripped off the Thunder.