Eyebrow-raising trade rumor could compel Hornets to pull off blockbuster

Could the latest Zach LaVine trade rumor compel the Charlotte Hornets to get in on the action?
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This could be a very interesting offseason for the Charlotte Hornets. They’ve missed the Play-In for two years in a row now, yet it seems as though their improvement could be on the horizon.

The question is, will they do anything to help facilitate said improvement?

Obviously, internal development will be a huge part of the equation, but the Hornets could also look to facilitate their growth with outside moves. One recent trade rumor could compel them to do just that.

According to KC Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago, the Chicago Bulls have significantly lowered their asking price in a potential Zach LaVine trade.

"I don’t think the Bulls will take an awful deal if little materializes, but I do get the sense they’re open to more possibilities than before. More to the point: I’ve reported before what their asking price was---All-Star level talent, first-round picks or both---and my sense is that it has dropped significantly."

KC Johnson, NBC Sports Chicago

LaVine is set to make just over $43 million next year and will be under contract for two years past next season, too. With his injury history, many could view his contract as detrimental to their team’s long-term growth.

However, maybe the Hornets don't.

A trade for LaVine would be wholly imperfect for the Hornets. He’s not a great defender, he’s had some questionable injuries, and he’s only ever played in the playoffs once. But he’d definitely improve their roster.

LaVine’s shot creation and ability to play off the ball would fit nicely next to LaMelo Ball, and funnily enough, Charlotte probably has a better infrastructure to win with LaVine than the Bulls do.

A starting lineup of Ball, LaVine, Brandon Miller, Grant Williams, and Mark Williams could fare better than Chicago’s, especially if the Hornets’ guys develop well over the summer.

Charlotte likely wouldn’t have to give up much to LaVine, as some have even speculated that the Bulls may have to attach assets to his contract to get him off the books.

If the Hornet could get LaVine at a rock-bottom price, then at the very least, it would be an idea to consider.