Disappointing Hornets carrying double-digit losing streak into 2024

Charlotte Hornets v Phoenix Suns
Charlotte Hornets v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

A much-needed end to the 2023 portion of this NBA season has come for the Charlotte Hornets. With it, Charlotte is carrying a 10-game losing streak into 2024.

There is only one team with a longer losing streak at the present moment, the Detroit Pistons. This is not exactly good company to be in. While it is extremely unlikely the Hornets reach the level of futility seen in Detroit thus far (28 straight losses and counting), Charlotte is not exactly doing a whole to show they are better than their 7-23 record would indicate.

Despite the organizational belief that this roster could compete for the postseason, this team was better suited to be a team that was bad but still fun to watch. Unfortunately, they have been just bad this season with very little positive aspects to point to.

The Hornets are again one of the league’s worst teams from three-point range. Averaging 11.4 makes on 31.7 attempts and converting at a 35.9% rate, these rank 26th, 24th, and 21st, respectively. The extended absence of LaMelo Ball is certainly impacting these numbers, as he is Charlotte’s primary threat from deep. Even though there is somewhat of an explanation for the lack of effectiveness from beyond the arc, seeing the team struggle in this manner with the removal of one player shows how a clear lack of genuine roster evaluation by the front office. Everyone knew that if LaMelo went down, the three-point threat vanishes, as evidenced by last year’s results. And yet, nothing was really done to rectify that.

With the Hornets being one of five teams heading into 2024 with single-digit wins, it is countdown to the trade deadline time. This is going to provide the organization a chance to clear some of the roster clutter while getting something for players via trade that would otherwise walk in free agency once the season ends. It is not the most exciting situation for fans of this team, but it is best to make the most of it given the present circumstances.