Best NBA Betting Promos: Get $400 FREE in North Carolina

Hornets fans can celebrate the launch of sports betting in North Carolina with $400 in free pre-registration bonuses plus $450 in launch bonuses from FanDuel, DraftKings and BetMGM.

Hornets fans in North Carolina have had to sit by and watch while fans of many other NBA teams have been able to enjoy the fun of betting on NBA games. The wait is almost over though, with sports betting going live in North Carolina on March 11.

Betting not being live yet doesn't mean you can't start winning. FanDuel, DraftKings and BetMGM are all offering huge pre-registration bonuses for anyone who signs up before that launch date.

Here's how to claim $400 free PLUS an additional $450 in launch bonuses in North Carolina.

FanDuel North Carolina Promo ($100 Free + $200 Bonus)

Even though they're already the biggest sportsbook in the country, FanDuel hasn't been shy about putting out a great offer for new North Carolina users. This promo gives you $100 free just for signing up before the launch date, plus an additional $200 bonus if you place a $5 cash wager after the launch.

Follow these steps to claim your $300:

  1. Use this link to sign up for FanDuel Sportsbook today
  2. Wait for launch day (March 11th)
  3. Automatically receive your first $100 bonus
  4. Deposit and wager at least $5
  5. Automatically receive your second $200 bonus

It doesn't even matter if your bet wins or loses — that's a total of $300 in bonuses just for betting $5.

DraftKings North Carolina Promo ($100 Free + $250 Bonus)

Get ready for me to sound like a broken record, because DraftKings' promo is the same as FanDuel's.

Follow these steps to claim your $350 from DraftKings:

  1. Sign up for DraftKings using this exclusive Swarm and Sting link
  2. Complete the registration process before March 11
  3. Automatically receive a $100 bonus on March 11
  4. Deposit and wager at least $5
  5. Instantly receive your second $250 bonus

BetMGM North Carolina Promo ($200 Free)

BetMGM offers an even bigger free pre-registration bonus than FanDuel or DraftKings, but they don't have any extra launch day promo, so you must be signed up before the launch if you want to cash in.

That means the steps to unlock your BetMGM North Carolina bonus are even easier though:

  1. Use this link to sign up for BetMGM
  2. Complete your registration process today
  3. Automatically receive your $200 bonus on launch day (March 11)

North Carolina NBA Betting Promo Summary


Pre-Reg Bonus

Sign-Up Link

Launch Bonus

















That's up to $850 in bonuses just for signing up today and placing a combined $10 in wagers when sports betting launches in North Carolina on March 11. You're not going to find any easier wins for the rest of your betting career, so now's the time to take advantage while you still can!