Grading the non-players involved in the Hornets' season so far

Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers
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As we sit squarely in the heart of the NBA all-star break, this marks a great time for organizational reflection. There has certainly been a lot going on with the Hornets, with a lot of moving parts, both on and off the floor.

With the passing of the trade deadline, it seems like other than managing health, the roster and rotations should be pretty set for the remainder of this season. The players who needed to be waived and/or bought out have been, and there’s no reason to believe the team will be active in signing any new free agents.

There will likely be tweaks in playing time, lineups, and things of that nature, but the characters are the characters. Earlier, I put out a midseason report card, grading every player on the team. But what about the characters who aren’t players?

We’ve already seen movement as the new owners are seeking to hire new faces in the front office now that Mitch Kupchak has moved to an advisory role. There hasn’t necessarily been recent talk about coaching changes, but it makes sense to anticipate there will be sweeping changes across the board eventually.

The new owners were the first domino to fall, the front office domino is falling now, and the coaching domino usually isn’t too far behind. All along there will of course be changes and alterations to the players and personnel on the team.

Now let’s dole out some other grades, and take a look at the people in power that aren’t actually playing in games; the owners, the front office, and the coaching staff. They deserve a midseason report card of their own.