Grading the non-players involved in the Hornets' season so far

Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers
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The coaching staff, Grade: C

A rock-solid C feels like the only appropriate grade for Steve Clifford and his staff. It’s not fair to blame the results on him, as he can only coach the players on the roster. Clifford has been coaching in the NBA for a long time, and I don’t think he suddenly lost his abilities.

He also can’t control the health of his players, and losing two building block pieces for most of the season has obviously played a major role in the bad record. The staff also deserves credit for the development and growth of young players, especially Brandon Miller.

But it’s also hard to say this staff has done a great coaching job, or gone above and beyond in any way. They have been fine, but haven’t squeezed every drop of talent out of this roster. There is definitely a scenario where they have a much better record. 

So the grade is almost incomplete, as it’s hard to truly dish out credit and blame. But now Cliff will likely have a couple of months to show what he can do with a roster that wants to be there and play to win. But most likely, he will be gone sooner than later, and the owners and new front office will handpick his replacement.