Hornets land Knicks' star in bold three-team trade proposal

Charlotte Hornets v Washington Wizards
Charlotte Hornets v Washington Wizards / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

There is a very good chance that the NBA has more than a few big trades that come before the deadline. Even though the Charlotte Hornets do not have anything that it would make sense to move currently for a two-team deal, there is a world that sees them become involved in a multi-team deal.

One such deal was recently proposed in one of five attempts to get Donovan Mitchell to New York. The Knicks would receive Mitchell in a three-team deal with Cleveland and Charlotte. It would be the Cavs receiving multiple players and picks in this deal. This includes Gordon Hayward, Immanuel Quickley, and Quentin Grimes, in addition to two first-round picks from New York (2024, 2026) and Charlotte's 2027 first-rounder. Coming back to Charlotte would be current Knicks forward Julius Randle. 

Normally, a deal that sees Charlotte give up a future first-round pick to acquire a player close to 30, given their current competitive timeline, would be an instant no-go. However, Randle is that good of a player that giving up a first-round pick in 2027, a time when they should no longer be a perennial lottery team, is something worth considering.

Randle is the caliber of player that would help actually get the Hornets to the level of competitiveness they delusionally believed this roster was capable of. Inserting Randle into Charlotte's young rotation of LaMelo Ball, Brandon Miller, and Mark Williams would have this team looking a lot better from a starting lineup standpoint. The Kentucky product has plenty of experience at a clear position of need for the Hornets while still being on a relatively upward trend career trajectory wise, rather than the plateauing or downward trajectory of Charlotte's current veterans.

When it comes to the likelihood of a deal such as this one, it does not seem at all likely at this time. There has been plenty of speculation involving Mitchell's future with the Cavs, but speculation is all that it has been. Then there is the very good chance that Charlotte's new ownership group may not greenlight any trades involving future first-round picks, allowing the next regime that replaces the exepcted-to-be-replaced current group to do with them as they please. With that being said, the Hornets finding a way to acquire Randle for Hayward and a future first-round draft selection would be hard to say no to.