Hornets' Miles Bridges caught off guard by rumored departure from Charlotte

Washington Wizards v Charlotte Hornets
Washington Wizards v Charlotte Hornets / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

The NBA rumor mill can be an interesting place. There are times when a story pops up that is considered to be somewhat of an expected development. And then there are others that seemingly come out of nowhere that can result in one or more of the individuals involved being caught off guard. The situation in Charlotte appears to be a case of the latter.

rumor surfaced that suggested Miles Bridges would not be with the Hornets next season, and that appeared to catch him off guard. Bridges would respond to this story on X (formerly Twitter) with a simple yet fitting response, a question mark. 

Bridges is someone who would prefer to remain in Charlotte, so it is pretty safe to say that his rumored departure came as a surprise. It would be nice to see a player who shows this level of loyalty to an organization and see that individual rewarded with a new multi-year contract. With that being said, it just does not make a ton of sense at this time.

Considering the way this season has begun and way it will likely unfold, the Hornets are a team that appears destined to have a good amount of turnover when this season is over. The new ownership group in Charlotte decided to keep the coaching staff and front office in place, but there is a very good chance that Steve Clifford and Mitch Kupchak will be gone if this team continues to see the losses stack up. That could lead to the new leadership group wanting to put their own imprint on the roster, and that usually means letting players on expiring contracts walk while bringing in others who fit their blueprint.

It must be acknowledged that there is an outside chance that Bridges reamins in Charlotte beyond this season, but it may be best for the Hornets to shake things up a bit roster-wise after the year if they are unable to escape the basement of the Eastern Conference.