Hornets should look to aggressively shop Terry Rozier on trade market

Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers
Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Every once in a while, a team finds themselves with an opportunity in front of them that is difficult to pass up. This is a scenario that currently describes the situation with the Charlotte Hornets and veteran guard Terry Rozier.

Fresh off a 34-point outing that led to the Hornets snaping their 11-game losing streak, Rozier is a player that Charlotte should market aggressively to teams looking to add to their roster. There is a finite amount of time that Rozier is going to be able to be (mostly) alone in the spotlight in Charlotte, and the Hornets should look to make the most of this situation that has a definite end date.

This is about understanding how to capitalize on a situation that does not come all that often. There is expected to be a lack of sellers at the upcoming trade deadline, making it more important to get out ahead of everyone else and take advantage of a market lacking quality players on the move. This is going to lead teams needing help to be a bit more willing to part ways with packages that would be of interest to Charlotte.

Even though it would appear to be counterintuitive to trade one of the few players on the Hornets roster who is talented and under contract beyond this season, it comes down to understanding the state of the franchise and how far away they are from being competitive. Moving Rozier this season for future assets would set them up better down the line, and that is what needs to be considered here. This is a team that needs to create as much flexibility moving forward as reasonably possible. That means players such as Rozier and Gordon Hayward are likely to be on the move before the season is up.

While it must be mentioned that as long as the combination of Steve Clifford and Mitch Kupchak remain employed under Charlotte's new ownership group planning for the future is unlikely to happen, that does not mean it is not the best path forward for the franchise. Charlotte's best years are ahead of them, and the only way to get there is by moving players who are more than likely not part of the next competitive Hornets team. A little push may be required in order to get this process jumpstarted, but it is something that needs to happen while they still have the opportunity to do so.