NBA all-star Saturday night, but just Hornets players

Feb 10, 2024; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges (0)
Feb 10, 2024; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges (0) / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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3-Point Contest

This is another event where several Hornets could theoretically thrive, as the name of the game is simply hitting the most possible 3-point shots. The clear favorite from the Hornets has to be Seth Curry.

Three-point shooting is the name of his game, and he’s been one of the league’s best for his entire career. Curry could easily crush in this competition, likely even giving his superstar brother a run for his money.

After Curry I’d actually lean towards the star rookie, Brandon Miller. Miller has a really nice-looking set shot that we’ve been seeing more and more as the season has gone on. He’s already shooting almost 39% as a rookie, and that number should only go up. 

The degree of difficulty is also fairly high on most of those shots, so in a competition like this where he can get into his timing and rhythm without worrying about shots being contested, he should really be able to excel.

There are a bunch of players I could pick for the last two spots but I’m going to go with Tre Mann and Nick Smith Jr. Mann has been a sharpshooter in Oklahoma City and he’s carried that to Charlotte already.

He has unlimited range and is not afraid to let it fly. He’s been a 46% three-point shooter since joining the Hornets and is up around 44% on the season. His numbers weren’t great in his first two seasons, but he also never really got consistent playing time. I think we’ll see him level out as a 40+% shooter going forward.

Smith Jr. has the least experience, but the rookie has been a ridiculous shooter this year and earned a chance. It hasn’t been a large sample but he’s hit 51 of 113 three-point attempts, but that’s over 45% on the season, and his stroke certainly passes the eye test.