Ranking the urgency to trade 5 Hornets players who could be on the move

Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat
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Expecting something different? Kyle Lowry is clearly not part of the future of this team and would be best suited to come off the bench for a contending team, a description that does not currently apply to the Charlotte Hornets.

Lowry was acquired in exchange for Terry Rozier in a deal that also saw a future first-round draft selection coming from the Miami Heat. Miami's draft pick was the most important part of that deal for Charlotte, but a potential trade of Lowry elsewhere could also prove valuable.

The Hornets need to put trading Lowry at the top of their priorities list. No one is expecting the former Toronto Raptor and NBA Champion to put on a Charlotte Hornets uniform. Unlike some of the other names appearing on this list, Lowry was never part of the team-building vision in Charlotte.

Working toward finding a way to get something in return for Lowry rather than being forced to buy him out, a possibility many teams are hoping for has to be the most important transaction for the Hornets at this time. Even if that includes packaging Lowry with another player or taking on a bad contract to get him out of Charlotte, it is something that has to be done.