Ranking the urgency to trade 5 Hornets players who could be on the move

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5. PJ Washington - No Urgency

Another player that has been mentioned in casual trade conversations is PJ Washington. The 25-year-old has seen his name pop up recently as a possible option for contending teams and is someone that could be on the move if the price is right.

Much like the previously mentioned Nick Richards, the Hornets do not need to actively look for a landing spot for Washington. The Kentucky product is under contract for the next three seasons (2025-26) and is very affordable when compared to some of the other players Charlotte has under contract currently or did so previously.

It is the combination of a player who can be productive at times on a team-friendly deal, which is why teams are interested in his services. But those are also reasons why the Hornets should hold on to him for the time being. Charlotte is undergoing a rebuild, and there will be a need for a player or two like Washington to help raise the roster's talent floor. Washington is the type of player who should be able to stabilize the roster after following the departures of most non-franchise cornerstone players. The Hornets do not need Washington to be great but rather a complementary player alongside LaMelo Ball, Brandon Miller, and Mark Williams. Barring an offer they cannot refuse, Charlotte would be wise to hang on to him through next season.