Should "Incomprehensibly bad" Hornets alter their offensive focus?

Denver Nuggets v Charlotte Hornets
Denver Nuggets v Charlotte Hornets / David Jensen/GettyImages

The 2023-24 NBA season has been a trying one for the Charlotte Hornets. This is a team that needed everything to go exactly right to avoid being a total disaster, but it appears Murphy's Law is again wreaking havoc on the Hornets franchise. LaMelo Ball has now missed more than half of the Hornets' games this season, making winning exponentially more difficult. But it is Ball's absence that could provide an opportunity for someone else to take center stage in Charlotte.

Appearing as the 29th ranked team on The Athletic's Zach Harper's New Year's edition of his power rankings, it is suggested that the "Incomprehensibly bad" Hornets should explore the playmaking ability of rookie Brandon MIller in Ball's absence.

"For as long as LaMelo Ball is out — and with this Hornets team being so bad — I’d like to see them try to utilize/develop Brandon Moller’s playmaking skills. "

Zach Harper on Brandon Miller

It is hard to argue with the logic of Harper. Charlotte is not going anywhere this season, and it is best to use the disastrous manner in which this season has played out as an opportunity for Miller to showcase his full set of skills. Being able to explore Miller's full playmaking ability for an extended period was not something that many truly expected, but it is a situation that the Hornets would be wise to take advantage of.

What it comes down to is finding a way to make the most of a disappointing situation. Having Miller be the focus of the Hornets' offensive game plan while Ball is sidelined is a way to potentially set themselves up for success down the line. Having an extended look at what Miller can and cannot do at this point in his career would allow the organization to help develop the areas in need of help while accentuating his best abilities. This would allow the organization to build around its best players by acquiring players with complementary skill sets accordingly.

Simply said, it is best for all parties involved to operate in this manner. Now, will they? It is tough to say either way, but it seems unlikely, given the current coaching and front office duo are not exactly locks to remain with the team following this season. Perhaps a change in both areas could help set a much-needed series of events into motion, but that is far from a guarantee at this juncture. Until then, it is hope for the best, but expect the worst when it comes to the Hornets' results on the court.