The Hornets Don't Need to Trade Terry Rozier

Terry Rozier has been the shining light, the beacon of hope even, for Hornets fans since he made his debut in 2019. His out-of-control offensive explosions gave the Buzz City something to hold on to, to grasp in their hands amid years of mediocrity. His happy-go-lucky attitude and infectious smile, paired with his dangerous scoring talent, captured the hearts of every Hornets fan across the globe. Many fans have spoken of the heartbreaking moment he will 'inevitably' leave the city. This one is going to hurt. But what if I told you he didn't actually HAVE to leave? In fact, he was the perfect fit; should he stay?
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Over the last two months, Terry Rozier has made himself a serious case to stay, strong-arming the front office with dominant displays amid the team's utter failures. Particularly though, at the time our franchise cornerstone was out. He saw that someone needed to step up, and he did. He averaged 25.3 points, 7.2 assists, and 3.2 rebounds, on 45.5% from the field and 39.4% from three. The numbers aren't the most important part though. It''s who he spent that time on the floor with. Mark Williams played just three games, LaMelo Ball played zilch, and Miles Bridges, P.J. Washington, Gordan Hayward, Brandon Miller, Frank Ntlikina, and Cody Martin were among the key players listed as out during that stretch.

He balled out with arguably the worst lineup in the league around him. That's where I find the value; Rozier can not only play with this caliber of talent but can excel. The players he was starting with were the average backup unit for an NBA roster. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Rozier obviously isn't strong enough defensively to anchor a backcourt of the future. I believe that Brandon Miller could be that partner for LaMelo Ball and that the Hornets add a wing in the upcoming draft. This would leave Terry Rozier in the sixth-man role. While it may not be the most sexy or endearing role on an NBA roster, plenty of guys of a similar archetype to Rozier have made that role cool. Think Lou Williams and Jamal Crawford. Two guards on the shorter side were considered defensive liabilities but dominant offensive talents. Rozier could easily light it up against the backup units of the NBA whilst creating for the rest of the bench as he has in his recent stretch.

His offensive punch, paired with his ability to create for others, could give the Hornets one of the most productive bench units in the NBA, which is an overlooked yet vital part of building a championship roster.

According to reports, the Hornets could very well end up with multiple firsts in exchange for Terry Rozier, which many may jump at. But let me ask you this: how likely are we to get as talented a player with those picks as we have in Terry? Not only that, but Terry brings vocal leadership and camaraderie that isn't found elsewhere on the roster. He is also one of just three players with critical playoff experience.

The fact is that what Terry Rozier brings is more valuable than any first-round pick could offer us. He is the rare case of a player who wants to be a part of this team. He loves the city and its people and is a vital advocate for basketball in the Carolinas. Trading him away would not only be a disservice to the team but to the city he calls home.