Three goals for the Charlotte Hornets in the month of January

Charlotte Hornets v Milwaukee Bucks
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Hornets' Third January Goal: Convert more three-point attempts

One of the most reliable metrics that has become a tried and true indicator of whether or not a team is among the best in the league has been converting a high amount of threes. Unfortunately, the Charlotte Hornets continue to be a team that is struggling in this department, making it more difficult to remain competitive on a consistent basis.

Entering Monday, Charlotte's 11.3 three-point makes per game rank 27th in the league, while their conversion rate of 35.7% ranks 20th. There are only two teams with winning records with conversion rates that are below that of the Hornets (Cavaliers, Magic), making them clear outliers in this area. Charlotte should be looking to be more like the vast majority of teams that are winning in this area rather than the two teams listed here.

While there is an obvious reason (injuries) as to why the three-point success rate and volume have not been particularly impressive in Charlotte this season, a better collective performance from all involved is going to be required rather than putting it all on the shoulders of one or two players. Sure, LaMelo Ball is going to be the player who attempts and makes the most shots from beyond the arc, but it is far from fair to have the success or failure from deep be entirely on his shoulders. Others are going to need to step up to turn this around, and doing so now in the month of January would bode well for the future of the Hornets, this season, and those coming afterward.