Three reasons the Hornets should embrace the tank and two why they shouldn't

Milwaukee Bucks v Charlotte Hornets
Milwaukee Bucks v Charlotte Hornets / Streeter Lecka/GettyImages
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Of all the possibilities for the Charlotte Hornets this season, seeing losses pile up as they fade further away from contending teams was incredibly likely. In fact, this would be a recurring theme in the vast majority of ways this season could have been projected to play out. At 6-12, their .333 win percentage is not exactly a reason for optimism, which is why it would not be all that surprising should the Hornets fully embrace the tank. But at the same time, there are a couple of reasons why this team should avoid bottoming out yet again.

First reason for the Hornets to embrace the tank: No LaMelo Ball

It would have been hard to argue with the Hornets going full tank-mode once LaMelo Ball went down with an injury. This was a team that was most likely going to miss the postseason with Ball, and those chances decreased exponentionally the moment that Ball was ruled out for an extended period.

Wins are going to be hard to come by in Charlotte without their best player, and it may be in the best interest of their organization's present and future to lose with purpose rather than trying to win with their roster in its current state.