Top 3 trade targets for Hornets are very intriguing

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2. Jalen Green - Houston Rockets

There are certain types of players that a team like the Charlotte Hornets should prioritize in trade talks at this point of their team-building process. Young players who may not be an ideal fit with the current organizations should jump to the top of the list. This appears to be a driving factor for the Houston Rockets' Jalen Green to make an entry on Charlotte's trade target list.

While Green may not be on the trading block, as the Rockets are not openly looking to move him, Buckley has some skepticism about their reported commitment. 

"The Rockets "remain committed" to Green, per Action Network's Matt Moore, but the 2021 No. 2 pick is catching enough "awkward sideways glances" due to his regression to wonder how firm Houston is on that stance."

Zach Buckley on Jalen Green

Is this something? Not necessarily, but it is also not nothing either. There are times when an organization and/or members of the organization (players or coaches) can hide underlying problems that have not been made public. As valiant as those efforts can be, more often than not, there is a time when they become apparent to those who are not members of the aforementioned groups. It seems like glances that are occurring could be a signal of a future desire to part ways.

The Hornets should go full force into attempting to acquire Green should he become available. Charlotte needs to prioritize adding talent first and worry about fit second. Green is very talented, and his 17.4 points with two three-point makes per game would certainly help bolster a lineup in need of offensive help.