Top 3 trade targets for Hornets are very intriguing

Milwaukee Bucks v Charlotte Hornets
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3. Jonathan Kuminga - Golden State Warriors

Much like the situation in Houston with Jalen Green, the Golden State Warriors are not actively looking to move on from Jonathan Kuminga. The 21-year-old forward is a promising young player, but as Buckley notes, "Kuminga is another former lottery pick who may need a scenery change to realize his full potential.". 

Part of the issue for Kuminga is that he is on an established roster full of veterans that has certain expectations about their competitive status. While there could come a time when Kuminga is a high-level player and a nightly contributor, Golden State really cannot afford to play the waiting game when taking the ages of Stephen Curry (soon-to-be 36), Klay Thompson (34 in two weeks), and Draymond Green (almost 34). The advanced ages of their championship core may result in a sense of urgency to move someone such as Kuminga in an effort to make another genuine run or two for a title.

Should Kuminga become available, Charlotte would be wise to make an aggressive run for his services. Similar to the previously mentioned Green, this is about betting on adding talent to the foundation of their roster. The Hornets would be able to justify allocating a high amount of minutes to someone like Kuminga, putting him in a position to develop in an accelerated manner. Giving someone an opportunity they have not been able to secure elsewhere could generate some goodwill between player and organization, possibly creating an increased willingness to stick around, something that teams like the Hornets desperately need.