Wild trade suggestion has Charlotte Hornets trading Gordon Hayward to Western Conference contender

Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

There are certain trade suggestions that make perfect sense and would be an absolute no-brainer for a team to make, and then there are the others that do not quite fit that description. A recent suggestion involving veteran Charlotte Hornets forward Gordon Hayward would fall into the latter category.

Appearing on Blue Man Hoop, it is suggested that the Golden State Warriors would be able to land Hayward for Chris Paul and not much else. While it is eventually noted that the Hornets would need some sort of motivation to agree to a deal for Paul, it is still a proposal that does not make much sense.

Paul, at this point in his career would be of little interest to a Hornets squad that is far from resembling anything close to a competitive team. Acquiring the 12-time all-star does not align with Charlotte's competitive timeline, and agreeing to a deal with Golden State for his services would require something substantial coming with him to make it worth the Hornets while, but that is not being suggested here.

Is it possible for the Hornets to be involved in a deal that includes Paul? Sure, but it is more likely it is as a third party, with Paul landing elsewhere or Charlotte immediately flipping him to another team in a subsequent deal. It is far more likely that the Hornets agree to a deal that sees either of these results than a trade that sees them land Paul and actually see him take the floor.

What this all comes down to is understanding that the Hornets are far more likely to pursue trades that would have them receiving younger players in addition to future draft selections. It would be one thing if the Hornets were in a position to make a push for the postseason as many hoped. But with that proposition being off the table, agreeing to a deal that sees Paul put on a different organization's Hornets uniform does not seem logical at this point in time.