Charlotte Hornets Rumors: Kemba Walker Reveals Who He Thinks the Team Should Draft

All-Star point guard Kemba Walker recently revealed who he thinks the Charlotte Hornets should select in the upcoming NBA Draft.

Kemba Walker recently answered a few questions from a group of fans and in doing so, he revealed who he thinks the Charlotte Hornets should draft. According to, the All-Star point guard wants the team to select Bam Adebayo or Zach Collins. He was asked about which players he’d like the Hornets to draft and Walker answered:

“I don’t know who would be available. Let me think of someone who might be there (when the Hornets get to select). There’s a few guys. That kid in Kentucky — Bam (Edrice Adebayo). I like him. I like the way he plays; he’s big. I think Zach Collins from Gonzaga. He’s pretty good.”

This answer shouldn’t hold too much weight as Kemba was likely just answering a few fun questions from fans. Although, there is something to be said about him naming two big men when the Hornets already have players like Marvin Williams, Cody Zeller, Frank Kaminsky and Miles Plumlee on the roster. Maybe his answer speaks to how little Walker believes in Charlotte’s current big men.

Taking a closer look at both Adebayo and Collins, they are each potential first round prospects. Zach is a freshman power forward out of Gonzaga and is projected to be a lottery pick while Bam is a freshman center from the University of Kentucky. Despite putting up better numbers this past college season, Adebayo is ranked much lower than Collins as he is projected to be a late-first round pick to an early second round pick. (

Zach Collins averaged 10.0 points per game and 5.9 rebounds per game this past year with Gonzaga as his team came up just short of a National Championship. As an agile 7-footer, he has big time upside as not only an offensive threat but also on the defensive end as well. Realistically, he could very well be available when the Hornets select but with Marvin and Frank already on the roster, you would have to think that one of those two will be moved if Charlotte chooses to go with Collins.

As for Adebayo, he averaged 13.0 points per game and 8.0 rebounds per game during his lone season under John Calipari. At only 6-foot-10, some may consider Bam a bit undersized for an NBA center. Although, his athletic ability and strength allow him to compete with bigger players.

Both of these players are only 19-years old so they both have plenty of room to grow and develop. In Adebayo’s case, he is actually from Gatesville, North Carolina so he is a homegrown talent.

The Charlotte Hornets will be selecting in the lottery this season but it has not yet been determined where their actual pick will be. It is unclear who the team will target in the upcoming draft but both of these players should be on their radar. If their star wants a certain player, they should at least consider them.

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