Charlotte Hornets: Free Agency and NBA Draft dates announced

NBA Adam Silver. (Photo by Takashi Aoyama/Getty Images)
NBA Adam Silver. (Photo by Takashi Aoyama/Getty Images) /

As things start to fall in place regarding the offseason, the Charlotte Hornets now know the dates of free agency and the NBA Draft.

For the past three months, fans have been without basketball. Even though the Charlotte Hornets won’t be finishing their regular season in Orlando, Flordia, the team can still have optimism for the offseason.

The Hornets are one of eight teams who were not chosen to finish the regular season. The NBA chose twenty-two of the league’s best teams (by record). Unfortunately, the Hornets were the 23rd ranked team in the league.

With the Hornets and seven other teams not playing, these teams will have to watch as the league resume in July. As of now, the league is aiming for the end of July to resume the regular season.

Since the Hornets will not be participating, the team can now look forward to some key offseason dates in the future. On Saturday, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN provided some important dates for the 2020 offseason.

The NBA Draft can be expected to occur on October 16th. With that said, the early entry deadline is also set to be placed on August 17th; this is a day where draftees can remove their names from the draft pool. For fans, this will feel a lot different, as everyone has been used to the draft happening in June.

Free agency will also be a period to watch, as the Hornets will enter it with about $30 million in cap space. Hornets fans know that this is the most cap space the Hornets have had in a while.

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Moreover, the date for the Draft Lottery has not been announced. Hornets fans will want to tune into this, as the team is projected to receive the 8th pick in the draft. However, could the Hornets get a huge break like the New Orleans Pelicans got last year?