Why the Charlotte Hornets need to sign Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker, Charlotte Hornets (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Kemba Walker, Charlotte Hornets (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

With the NBA preseason coming to an end, teams are making final decisions regarding their rosters. One deal that is reportedly imminent is the Detroit Pistons parting ways with Charlotte Hornets franchise icon Kemba Walker.

Walker was acquired by Detroit in a draft night deal from the New York Knicks, and it has felt inevitable that he would not be a member of the Pistons this season. Now that it is about to be official, there is one thing the Charlotte Hornets need to do and that is bring Walker back to Charlotte.

1. Bringing back Kemba Walker will right a wrong

Walker did not leave the Charlotte Hornets on the best of terms.

It turned out to have been the correct decision in retrospect, but it was not a good look at all when an organization is not committed to the best player that they have ever had. Bringing Walker back, even if it is just a single season, will right that wrong. It will allow him to leave on better terms and potentially end his career where it started.

2. Getting Kemba Walker can be done on a cheaper deal

The Hornets currently have the seventh-highest amount of cap space in the NBA. It is clear that Walker wants to continue playing basketball, but the market for his services is unlikely to be very deep.

He will likely be in line for a veteran’s minimum deal, currently projected at $1,811,516. All told, The Hornets can bring Walker back without sacrificing long-term assets or significant cap space.

3. Kemba Walker would be a veteran presence

No matter how successful or young a team is, there is always a need for a veteran presence. Last year, Isaiah Thomas became that veteran presence for Charlotte, but with Thomas not in the Hornets’ plans at the moment that need has arisen once again.

The Hornets could use a player with experience to replace LaMelo Ball while he recovers from his recent injury.

4. It will make Charlotte Hornets fans happy

Walker’s initial departure left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans. While it made sense for both sides, it was a difficult situation all around.

After a tumultuous offseason that saw an unorganized coaching search, a confusing draft night trade, and the high-profile arrest of their leading scorer, the Hornets would do well to generate some positive energy.

The Hornets need to bring back Kemba Walker. It makes too much sense. Even if he simply assumes the role that Isaiah Thomas had a season ago, it makes sense for the Hornets, Walker, and the fanbase.