Hornets land Karl-Anthony Towns in hypothetical trade

The Charlotte Hornets have one area on their team where there is some uncertainty regarding whether or not they have the future of the position on their roster. The center position. That is why it is far from surprising to see Charlotte named as a possible landing spot for Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns in a recent hypothetical trade proposal.

The trade, proposed by FanSided’s Lior Lampert, has the Hornets landing Towns while sending Gordon Hayward, Nick Smith Jr., a Top-3 protected first-round pick in 2025, and a Top-5 protected first-round pick in 2027. This is a lot to give up, but from Lampert’s point of view, it would be worth it.

“The Hornets are not normally a team that players view as a free-agent destination, so they could be extremely desperate to get a star player to come join LaMelo Ball in Charlotte by any means necessary.”

This is something that the Hornets have to take into consideration. Charlotte is not and will not be a big-time free-agent destination. Sure, they will get their fair share of second and third-tier players to sign with the organization, but they will never be in play for the top-tier players if they ever hit the market.

For teams like Charlotte, Cleveland, New Orleans, etc., there are two ways that they can acquire top-end talent. Trades and the draft. The Hornets have someone on their roster currently who is on his way toward being that level of player in LaMelo Ball, but there is still a little ways to go in that department. Finding a way to land another via trade should be at the top of their priority list.

Acquiring Towns and pairing him with Ball would be a great foundation to build around in the manner they have to as mentioned above. Adding another star player would take pressure off of Ball to carry the load and for rookie Brandon Miller to burst out of the gate as an immediate contributor. Allowing Miller to naturally develop rather than attempting to speed up that process will be best for all parties involved.

If the Timberwolves came calling and the package of Hayward, Smith, and the protected first-round picks is the ask from Minnesota, Charlotte would be wise to accept and rush to have the trade become official as soon as possible.