Harsh but warranted criticism for Hornets' performance this season

Milwaukee Bucks v Charlotte Hornets
Milwaukee Bucks v Charlotte Hornets / Streeter Lecka/GettyImages

This season has been beyond rough for the Charlotte Hornets. Injuries and poor performance are yet again a plague on their campaign as their losses are more than three times as frequent through the season's first half, as they sit at 10-32. With this information in mind, it is not exactly a surprise to see a low grade come their way for their performance.

Charlotte received a D- for their first half grade from Sir Charles in Charge's Michael Saenz. This is a full letter grade worse than what was given to them by Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report (C-). The near-failing grade seems more appropriate given how things have transpired in Charlotte and is a more accurate representation of their performance this season.

While this season is essentially over from a competitive standpoint, it was acknowledged that the Hornets' best days are ahead of them.

"The Hornets have a talented core and if they continue to make the necessary steps to retool their roster, this is a team that could find themselves back in playoff contention in the next 2-3 years."

Michael Saenz on the Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte's decision-makers were always a bit ambitious when it came to their hopes of competitiveness this season. This is a poorly constructed roster that is pulling in multiple directions, and that makes it very difficult to gain any sort of traction in terms of rebuilding, competing, or staying the course, three avenues that different parts of the roster seem best suited for.

The good news for Charlotte's hopeful competitive future is that they have begun their selloff by trading Terry Rozier. Other moves could be on the horizon, with rumors involving Miles BridgesGordon Hayward, and Kyle Lowry becoming increasingly likely. Once these moves are completed, they will be in a much better position to build for the future, as they will be better aligned with a reasonable competitive timeline.