Hornets should not pursue trade for Lakers guard

Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz
Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

With the season already down the drain in Charlotte, the Hornets have often been mentioned as a potential landing spot for players who are on their way out of competitive roster's configuration. One such player is Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell, and it would be in the best interest of the Hornets to pursue other transactions.

The possibility of Russell to Charlotte was recently discussed on the HoopsHype podcast, with Michael Scotto questioning the fit of Russell in Charlotte. Scotto does mention the Hornets willlingness to take on draft picks, but there could be better options for them to pursue. 

"We’ve seen in the news recently that Charlotte is a team that’s willing to take on future contracts for draft picks, but he really wouldn’t fit well there with LaMelo Ball."

Michael Scotto

While acquiring Russell could be a move that would be meant to flip him into a different deal, they have already acquired a player for that purpose in Kyle Lowry. Lowry is not expected to put on a Hornets uniform and is expected to be gone sooner or later, with a preference being a trade before the deadline rather than a buyout afterward. With Charlotte already having to navigate the waters of facilitating a deal for Lowry, it is not the best idea to take on another player with the same goal at the present moment. 

The Hornets also have their own players they have to find new homes for, in addition to Lowry. The expectation in Charlotte is that Gordon Hayward is going to be dealt soon, and there is a pretty decent chance that Miles Bridges is moved as well.

Perhaps if Charlotte can unload Lowry and agree to deals for Hayward and Bridges, acquiring Russell for the purpose of making an additional trade would make sense. But until that happens, the Hornets have too much on their plate already to consider bringing in another trade piece to hold discussions for.